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Research & Publication Unit

Publications & Research Reports.

Compatibility Assessment of Artificially Combined Honey Bees (Apis mellifera scutellata L.) Colonies in South West Mau Forest, Kenya  
Does the Communication Skills Course at Universities Serve the Needs of Students? A Multiple Case Study of two Universities in Tanzania  
Failure and Collapse of Village Community Banks in Tanzania: Some Findings from Meru District in Arusha Region  
The Culture of Community: An African Thought Value  
Towards Global Efforts on Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases: are there any signs of Evidence?  
Content Analysis and a Critical Review of the Exploratory Design in the Light of Mixed Methods Research(Sept,2015)  
Mixed Methods Research: An Airplane Without a Blackbox(Sept, 2015)  
Mixed Methods Research: The Hidden Cracks of the Triangulation Design(Sept,2015)  
Pedagogical Injustices of Private and Public Schooling in Kenya: Lessons from a Triangulation Convergence Design Study(Sept,2015)  
Re-Evaluating the Procedural Issues of the Sequential Explanatory Design (A Mixed Method Design)(Dept,2015)  
Rethinking Variant Models of Embedded Research design within a qualitative dominant Mixed Method study(Sept,2015)  
The Demand Increase for Management Education: Challenges and Implications forTeaching and Learning in Tanzania's Universities(June 2015)  
Classroom Interaction: A Key to Effective Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools in Tanzania. A Case of Arusha City(June 2015)  
Forms, Causes, and Effects of Violence Against Women in Mbulu Tanzania(June 2015)   
An Assessment of Painting Lecturers in Universities in Edo and Delta States, Nigeria (June 2015)  
The Heritage of Contextual Management of Cultural Differences: A Reflection of ACTS 15 (June 2015)  

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